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Pastors are also in need of monthly support, would you be able to donate £20 or more if possible per month to sponsor a pastor along with his family, this would allow the pastor to continually work on the new mission field and develop the church membership without having to worry about his personal needs?

And as the work of church planting increases so would the needs of more and more sponsors be required, all pastors submit a monthly report and you can see the progress of their work through regular monthly newsletters that MAM send.

Today MAM is developing many new church plants, some of these works have been going on for a number of years and some are new and not even one year old. Many people in all of the areas where the churches are located are hearing the gospel message and many people are responding: A number of these churches being planted are in the most persecuted areas of both India and Sri Lanka.

MAM is constantly planning new church planting initiatives, but is in need of your help and financial support for this to happen; new works are being planned.

The churches that are already operating are in need of construction and are all at various levels of development, the believers are praying that the church would be completed and you could be the answer to their prayers through your giving.

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