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Gospel Outreach

Open Air Crusades

The opportunity at the moment is great and many requests are coming all the time for large open air meetings to be conducted – this is the greatest need for the hour and yet for this is to happen requires funding: Thousands of people can hear at one gathering and this is a valuable way of reaching so many, the requests are constantly coming but through the lack of finances this ministry is not happening – please consider supporting this ministry.

House Churches

In many of the persecuted areas, large gatherings are not allowed and so small house churches are being set up, supported, and established.

Village Preaching

Just going from village to village and commence a small open air meeting through microphone, or just stand on a street corner and shout, many a crowd would gather and this is another excellent way of communicating the gospel, to so many people, many of which have never heard the gospel.

Church preaching, Pastors Conferences, House to House ministry, Tract Distribution.

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