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At Ebenezer Baptist church
Jul 23, 2018

Gave a little update on what's been happening in India from my last mission trip in May through June. And that I will be flying back out to india on the 16th August till 6th September.
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MAM - Myanmar
Jul 18, 2018

Please see below email I received today if anyone would like further information please send me an email, thanks. Mark

Dear Pastor Mark,

Greetings in the wonderful name of our saviour and Lord Jesus Christ. I hope you and your family are doing well there in Manchester. You are in our prayers.
Thank you very much for sending us the financial support last week which enables me to purchase a bag of rice and some cooking oil for the orphans and destitute children. This is kind of some helps to them. They need 4 bags of rice per month. Please keep them in your prayers.
In addition, I was able to pay electric and water bills and bought a bag of rice for my family. Thank you very much for that. Rent is a constant struggle for us. Please continue to pray for us and let your church members and partners to put us in their prayer list.
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Jul 02, 2018

Just had three days in Chennai, been drinking my coffee and snacks at 20 rupee corner, and then I bumped into a taxi driver who called me by name, and said I remember you from 2007? Then he asked how Tom was and Maggie? What a memory, as I didn't know who he was. Chennai changed a lot and is developing very quickly, looking forward to travelling home tomorrow (3rd July)
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MAM - Rajahmundry
Jun 27, 2018

Update - Just spent the last nine days working in many areas around Rajahmundry, church preaching and teaching, open-air meetings in many new areas as Pastors David and pastor Samuel continue to spread the gospel, and One Pastors conference. I conclude the ministry here this evening with another open-air, and then I have a day with the families before leaving for Chennai on Friday 29th. I hope to get a news update sent out before I leave for home on the 3rd of July.
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MAM - Punjab
Jun 17, 2018

I travel to Hyderabad today (Sunday 17th) after having spent two-half weeks ministering in Punjab, here we have sown many seeds to awaken believers and we shall continue on with this fight, please pray for pastor Vijay as he continues to expose the deception of what is happening within many of the churches. I will, of course, be sending information in regards to his own theological studies. I just want to thank pastor Vijay for his faithfulness and genuine zeal he as for the gospel, it is very hard to find men with a passion for the gospel, and a real love for the lost.
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Pastors Conferences
Jun 15, 2018

Update: Spoke at an other Pastor's conference in the Punjab on exposing the false doctrines, apostles, and so called prophets. Had a great time meeting this new group of pastor's please pray that they will remain faithful to the truth. They have asked me to download information, teaching materials on my blog for further study and info.
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Jun 12, 2018

Update: Spent the weekend ministering a few hours outside of Amritsar, a place called Bathinda, one rooftop service, then two church services, I was hoping to preach at MAM Jassi Village but that couldn't be arranged this time. Again met some lovely people and had a nice time in Bathinda. I'm back in Amritsar now and I would be holding a pastors conference on Thursday, my topic would be on the false teachers, false prophets and so-called apostles, I will hit them hard with the gospel and God willing they would respond well to whats being taught. I will, of course, update the blog after the event and report on how the conference went, please pray.
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Punjab Mission
Jun 08, 2018

Quick update, had a great meeting last night, I thought it was time that I would expose the false teaching that seems to be gaining ground very quickly in India. There is a so-called apostle going around teaching that he is able to dispense spiritual tablets, tablets to heal, tablets to empower, tablets to prosper and the like, well I hit it hard and spoke for an hour on false gospels and trickery that is filling India and how the believers are running after this nonsense. After the meeting and I left, that being around 12:30, the local pastors had to face an angry mob of believers wanting answers and asking if I was right, this had brought somewhat of a stir, but I have told the pastors that we have to get involved in the fight and challenge these false preachers and hit them straight on. I am waiting for the backlash either through emails or social media, or maybe face to face? Please pray for the believers to understand the difference and for the pastors that are making a stand. This movement is growing so quickly and the vast majority of believers are embracing this false gospel, the prosperity teaching and the signs and wonders along with all the experiential theology needs to be challenged at every opportunity.
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Batala Baptists Pastors Conference
Jun 06, 2018

The first MAM pastor's conference ever held in Punjab and had forty pastors attend. This went really well, I had to mention the fact that the Lord requires His preachers to be true to the gospel and preach it has it is, and not like what it has become. Unfortunately, the Punjab as many fakes prosperity preachers, signs and wonders preachers that promise to heal and we see that they don't happen, and everything else and this is becoming somewhat the norm here. I went through many scriptures and rebuking and correcting this false gospel and it was received very well especially by the leader of this group (Over 500 Churches). The evening was supposed to be another open air, but the weather changed very quickly with strong winds followed by very heavy rain, so had to make a meeting in a church, only around one hundred in attendance but we took advantage of the very loud speaker system and preached the gospel.
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MAM Myanmar
Jun 04, 2018

Just had an update from the pastor in Myanmar, we have just started to work here and we have been able to supply the finance for the makeshift house church, its made of bamboo. Please do pray for the ministry here as they work with orphans, and of curse spread the gospel, pray for their protection and that the needs would always be met. I hope to send some photos soon, for some reason they will not be accepted on the blog, I need to work out the format and then upload them?
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Open Air Meetings
Jun 01, 2018

The first of the open air meetings in the Punjab, approximately 150 Sikh's attended the outreach and had a good reception to the gospel message. The meetings would generally be the same, different places each night of course, so I will be adding more photos to this frame every few days, anything significant I will make a new frame, of course, would appreciate your prayers for salvation to all who hear.
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All Things Mission
May 29, 2018

Just to let you all know I will be flying into Punjab on the 31st of May for two weeks, maybe longer, open-air preaching, church ministry, house visits, and pastors conferences. I'm hoping to film one or more of the meetings and then placed on to my YouTube. Would appreciate all your prayers during the two weeks, and do follow me on my blog page and comments, please. I hope to send out a newsletter soon from my last two weeks working in the West Bengal area of India, namely Darjeeling, Sikkim, and even Nepal.
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MAM - Nepal
May 28, 2018

Working with pastor Ramesh Limbu from Nepal and here ministering with the believers there. Had a great time amongst people that have a real and genuine love for Jesus and have a desire to be involved in the church there. I also managed to play on guitar and sing a Hindi hymn for them all.
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Nimtar East Sikkim
May 27, 2018

Working in various areas of Sikkim West Bengal, pastor's conferences, open air, church services, and meeting many pastor's and believes on the way. Will be traveling back down to Siliguri this afternoon and then onwards to Nepal Monday morning.
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MAM Victory Ladies Fellowship
May 25, 2018

Had a great time ministering to the ladies fellowship at MAM Victory Fellowship last night. Please pray for this group as they continue to pray for the area and that more people would come to know Christ as Saviour. I travel to Sikkim today and would appreciate your prayers.
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Darjeeling Ministry
May 24, 2018

Working in the Teesta Valley area of Darjeeling encouraging the believers here. Had two converts and helping to spread the gospel amongst the locals here and the gospel influence. I will be traveling to Sikkim on Friday and will be there til Sunday and then I travel to Nepal for two days.
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MAM Presentaion
May 17, 2018

I had been invited to conduct a Mission Asia Ministries presentation at Wycliffe Memorial Evangelica Church in Preston last night (16/5/18) it was a really nice evening talking to the church members there and a big thank you to Pastor David Solt and his wife. It's always nice to be around people that have a real desire for the gospel and soul winning.
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All Things Mission
May 11, 2018

Just to let you all know that I will soon be back in India for a six-week mission, keep a lookout as I will be updating this diary page so that you can all follow me on location and keep up to date with what I am doing. I hope to be in India from around 17th or 21st of May, don't forget to contact me also, if you haven't already check out the following website, Thank you.
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